TBTB Welcomes Week Long Block Party

Volunteers from Fayetteville, Tennessee worked long and hard with the FROGS last week through mission outreach with Trinity on the Hill. Typically our block parties last half a morning, but TBTB was lucky enough to have several volunteers work with us all week. They worked hard and diligently, and we are sure they learned a lot about construction, demolition, and the Harrisburg neighborhood. They installed insulation, hung siding, and assisted with wiring at our new construction site 2014 Battle Row. They also completed demolition at 1922 Battle Row and filled the ever present dumpsters with debris. Battle Row is looking fantastic these days, all because of the hard working hands of our volunteer crews. Thank you so much for this wonderful group for coming to serve with us all week, especially to Trinity on the Hill for being an amazing partner. Take a drive by and see our progress!

Some messages embedded by our crew for the new homeowners at 2014 Battle Row