Partner Spotlight – Dalzell Design Landscaping

Regularly on WAFJ 88.3 I hear Dalzell Design Landscaping mentioned. Considering that they are business ministry partner of our local Christian radio station, I reasoned that the company might identify with our mission and be willing to help us in Harrisburg. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for! Owner, William Dalzell, took the initiative to contact me after receiving the letter and agreed to meet me for a tour of our newest home at 627 Metcalf St. What I thought might turn into a donation of a few plants for landscaping turned into so much more. Mr. Dalzell agreed to donate the grading of the lot, and worked with vendors to get herbicide, sod, mulch, and plants donated. Our September 24th, everything was delivered to the site and volunteers helped lay sod and plant the landscape material. It looks amazing. Thank you Dalzell Design Landscaping, Turf Masters of Augusta, Site One, and Carolina Fresh Farms!!!

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