From start to finish with Bank of America

On April 27th, volunteers from Bank of America helped us get our newest home move-in ready. Last year they were digging the foundation for the home at 627 Metcalf St., and this month they helped with final clean up. They even got to join in on a fun phone call with the homeowner candidate (whom we just approved for ownership the day prior), to gave him the news that he was accepted as the new owner for the home!

Partner Spotlight – Mulherin Lumber Company

For as long as Harrisburg has been known by that name, the Mulherin Family has been connected to the timber industry. How fitting that a family business in existence since the 1800s is helping restore a neighborhood that has been around just as long! For over 200 years, Mulherin Lumber Company has provided building materials for projects as significant as Fort Gordon, as simple as a weekend DIY project, and everything in between. Turn Back The Block is grateful for
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Battle Row and Metcalf Street corridor

We own two lots further up Battle Row that have been cleared of landscape debris by volunteers and await future construction. 2010 and 2010 Battle Row are adjacent lots on which we will build two shot-gun style homes. Both homes will have two-bedroom, and two baths.

Turn Back The Block homes on Broad Street

Having finished the renovation of our first block of homes on Broad Street, Turn Back The Block’s work over the past year has been focused at the intersection of Battle Row and Metcalf Street. We were honored to be the recipient of the 2015 Historic Augusta New Construction Award for our architecturally sensitive home designs in this area aimed at blending with the existing historic character of the neighborhood.  The first home in the Battle Row and Metcalf St. corridor,
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Join us for Lunch! 3.31.16

Meet us for lunch on March 31st from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. The Krystal Cruiser will be on site at the Bobby Jones Walmart (260 Bobby Jones Expressway) selling their famous burgers and “chicks”.  All proceeds from the food sales will benefit Turn Back The Block!