Breaking Ground with Bank of America

We’re all familiar with the typical ground breaking scene where a few people in suits don hard hats and throw one shovel of symbolic dirt. Today was certainly not one of those days! Volunteers from Bank of America helped us break ground on our newest home located at 627 Metcalf St. They came with shovels in hand to help dig the footing for the foundation of the home, and they completed more work in a few hours than we thought possible.

Not only did they work hard, but they also presented Turn Back The Block with a $10,000 donation from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, which will play a significant role in helping complete the home we began work on today. An affordable homeownership option for a deserving family will soon replace a once blighted home that attracted illicit activity – thanks to Bank of America and others who have contributed to the this new home.

As we begin this new project, Turn Back The Block would also like to thank Cheatham Fletcher Scott Architects who provided the construction drawings for the new home and revised them at their expense to fit site conditions.