Building Pride

Not too long ago, the Harrisburg community was a thriving place to live, shop, worship and learn. Some residents remember when they could safely rock on their porches, chat over the fence with their neighbors, and walk to the curb market on a summer evening. In recent years, Harrisburg has experienced disinvestment, and the pride that once radiated through the community has dwindled. Turn Back the Block is a plan to return that sense of pride in the neighborhood and change lives for the better.

Building Community

Recent statistics show that 22% of Harrisburg Homes are vacant or abandoned, and that less than 20% of the homes are owner-occupied. Turn Back the Block is founded on the belief that home ownership is the axis for community transition. Using the existing housing stock in this historic mill village, Turn Back the Block enables individuals and families the opportunity to participate in the rehabilitation of their future homes via sweat equity. Our Family Selection and Shepherding Committee qualifies applicants and assists them in the process of home ownership, both before and after closing. Turn Back The Block offers several mortgage opportunities to participants, and utilizes all payments to further our mission in Harrisburg.

Building a Future

Turn Back the Block recognizes that change will happen on a house by house, block by block ¬†basis, and only with the strong support of this community. Donations of property, funds, materials and labor are critical to the success of this project. Please join as an individual, business, or place of worship to help us “Turn Back the Block” in Harrisburg.



Ashley Brown

Executive Director

(706) 262-4000



1924 Battle Row, Augusta, Georgia 30904.

Turn Back The Block is a 501c3 organization.

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