Partner Spotlight – Mulherin Lumber Company

For as long as Harrisburg has been known by that name, the Mulherin Family has been connected to the timber industry.

How fitting that a family business in existence since the 1800s is helping restore a neighborhood that has been around just

as long!

For over 200 years, Mulherin Lumber Company has provided building materials for projects as significant as Fort Gordon, as

simple as a weekend DIY project, and everything in between. Turn Back The Block is grateful for Mulherin’s support of our

revitalization efforts in Harrisburg over the past five years. Mark Mulherin has helped make ordering and delivery hassle

free, provided advice when we needed it, and ensured that we get the best price possible for our construction materials. It’s

no wonder that Mulherin Lumber Company is still going strong all these years later. Community-minded businesses that

provide excellent customer service are built to last. Thank you Mulherin Lumber Company!

Fun fact: From 1937 to the 1980s, Mulherin Lumber Company was located on 13th Street downtown in the old bottling plant

for Belle of Georgia Brewery.

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