We have a warehouse in the works!

Turn Back The Block is seeking sponsors for the rehabilitation of 1924 Battle Row. This property, which once housed a neighborhood business, was donated to our organization and will be used as a warehouse. A new roof and several interior repairs will be necessary before the building is fully functional. The warehouse’s location is centralized within Harrisburg, just two blocks from our current worksite. At over 3700 square feet, it will allow ample and secure storage for the items that
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2010 and 2012 Battle Row

Turn Back The Block recently began construction of two shotgun style homes on Battle Row. Volunteers from Historically Black Colleges and Universities from across the U.S. helped dig the footing for the foundation of one of the homes. The first of the two homes, 2012 Battle Row, is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2017. The ideal time to resolve health problem is when symptoms only appear. Still, it is significant to know that over half of all patients
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627 Metcalf St.

The FROGS (Faithful Retired Old Guys Serving), our most dedicated group of volunteers, have been hard at work to complete 627 Metcalf St. This home is the third new home we’ve built on Metcalf St., and represents the completion of our second block in our block-by-block transformation of Harrisburg. (For interior photos, click the picture of the home to the left.) The ideal season to determination soundness problem is when symptoms only appear. Still, it is great to know that
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Block Parties in Harrisburg

We are currently working on homes in the Battle Row and Metcalf St. corridor. Turn Back the Block typically holds Block Parties/work days the first Saturday of the month from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Block Parties are open invitations for the community to help us in the construction/renovation process as we work to fulfill our mission of revitalizing the Harrisburg Community. Anyone is welcome to attend! We are always open to companies, civic groups, and churches who desire to sponsor
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Breaking Ground with Bank of America

We’re all familiar with the typical ground breaking scene where a few people in suits don hard hats and throw one shovel of symbolic dirt. Today was certainly not one of those days! Volunteers from Bank of America helped us break ground on our newest home located at 627 Metcalf St. They came with shovels in hand to help dig the footing for the foundation of the home, and they completed more work in a few hours than we thought
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